obile Group will launch a multi-billion yuan joint venture t

he high-tech sector, tourism, culture and insurance.Before the signing, Hu held separate meetings with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Berlusconi.

o produce Fiat cars in Changsha, H

unan province, it was announced Mo

nday.The w▓ork will

▓They met with the press after the talks.Hu expressed satisfaction with talks ▓ove

begin in the seco

r development of bilateral ties, especially the progress achieved since the establis

nd half of 2011.The

hment of a strategic partnership in 2004.China's booming automobile market is ex

agreement was one of

pected to break the 10-million-unit in sales barrier ▓this year, as the government'

nine signe▓d by

s positive measures drive demand and revive consumer confidence, an industry body

Collect from 企业/

the Chinese and Italian sides during Presi

said yesterday.China Association of ▓Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) has upgraded its forecast for this y

Mark Stringer - dent Hu Jintao's

state visit t

ear's automobile sales to 10.2 million units, with year-on-year growth rate of 8.7 percent, up from the 5 percent projection ear▓lier this year, said Dong Yang, its deputy director.The passenger car segment is expected to grow by 10.2 percent while comm

o Italy.Hu and Italian Prime Minister Silvio

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